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Guitars, Amps & Accessories

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If you’re looking for an alternative to the big corporate music store across town, you’ve found it. Music Encounter is your local guitar shop. What we lack in sheer volume, we make up for in knowledgeable service and careful attention to your musical needs and preferences. We listen! You’ll also find great deals on gear you won’t see at the mass market stores! We have new guitars by US based companies like G&L and Tech 21, great tube amps by Traynor, Alessandro, Roland and Hughes & Kettner, and lots of pedals and accessories. We’re adding new products all the time, and also have used and vintage Fender, Gibson and other guitars and amps, so come in and take a look around.

We’ll help you find the instrument and sound that you’ve been searching for or, if you’re selling rather than buying, we welcome consignments, whether single items, or multiple items from studio or estate liquidations!

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Featured Items For Sale Locally at M.E. or via Craigslist:

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Our Reverb.com seller’s page (local and out-of-area sales):


Set-Ups & Repairs

We offer both amp & guitar repairs, and in-house routine electric guitar ‘set-ups,’ which include: new strings; the adjustment of the guitar’s ‘intonation” (so it remains in tune on each string up and down the fretboard); adjustment of the ‘action,’ i.e., the height of each string off the fretboard (easier to play when lower, but fret buzz is more likely, too); and some light clean-up and occasionally light fret filing/polishing to remove minor burrs. Acoustic guitars do not offer the same flexibility to adjust either action or intonation as they use non-adjustable and single piece bridges and saddles, but we might be able to suggest a different gauge string to use, which could improve both intonation and ease of playing, or we could refer you to our expert for a possible nut (located at base of headstock, close to tuning pegs), and/or bridge (located below the sound hole) modification or replacement.