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about M.E.

Music Encounter is a retail guitar store, repair shop and music lessons studio in the Poets’ Corner neighborhood of Pleasant Hill, California, and the local community hub for students, teachers, musicians, music lovers, and even the neighbors. You’ll find lots of great gear you won’t see at the big chain store, but there’s also a lot more going on, like good old-fashioned customer service and a chance to connect with and learn from the experience of other musicians. 
ME is all about two things: Learning the craft of playing your chosen instrument in a supportive environment where you can perform and grow musically, and; helping you find, maintain, and augment that instrument. Not in isolation, but in community. After all, music is a collaborative venture. Come to ME for the gear and tech services you need – such as top notch instrument and amp sales and repair – AND for instrumental and vocal lessons from our stellar teaching staff. At ME it’s all about music and it’s all about YOU.
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The Shop’s Services

We have walls full of new and used electric & acoustic guitars and amplifiers (and accept consignments), as well as cases, footpedals, picks, capos and other accessories. Please call with questions or send inquires to:

We offer in-house routine guitar set-ups and more extensive instrument and amp repairs via affiliated experts when needed.

Teaching guitar, bass guitar, ukulele, keyboards/piano, voice, and general music knowledge, ME’s instructional staff is outstanding, with decades of experience. All of our teachers are active performing musicians. Each brings a unique combination of skills and experience to the teaching-learning encounter. You’ll be challenged, enriched, and carefully guided into developing the skills and knowledge needed to master your instrument.

For students, teachers, and members of the community, held occasionally both at shop and at shop’s next door neighbor restaurant & live music venue, WiseGirl. Drop us a line if you’d like to be on the mailing list for our music showcases, open-houses, and other community related events.

Guitar & Amp Sales